Letter: The fight against county government continues

In The Daily News, Tom Gorman writes that his fight against county government waste will continue, while also offering thanks to his 85,000-plus supporters.

This campaign accomplished many things and I am thankful to the Daily News Transcript for covering the race with informative articles on county government and the four candidates. Hopefully, the public benefited and now know who, what, and why county government still functions. My position has not changed. I believe county government is a shadow government and offers no service that is not already available from town hall or the state. So why should towns pay an expensive annual county tax?


Patriot Ledger: Norfolk county rejects change, re-elects two commissioners

The voters of Norfolk County voted, and they have rejected change. A recap from the Patriot Ledger

Norfolk County voters have re-elected incumbent commissioners John Gillis and Francis O’Brien, both Democrats, rejecting two challengers who depicted the county government as poorly run.

The final numbers are in via The Boston Globe.

Daily News Transcript: Should Norfolk County Give Up Aggie School?

The DTN has a lengthy story on the Norfolk County Agricultural school and Tom Gorman’s proposal to transfer the school to the Blue Hills Regional system.

If he is elected to the Norfolk County Commission, Tom Gorman wants to transfer control of the Norfolk County Agriculture School on Rte. 1A in Walpole to the Blue Hills Regional School District.



Patriot Ledger: Extra Ballot Questions

The Patriot Ledger has a rundown of the various ballot questions the voters will face at the ballot box. One question in particular is Tom Gorman’s iniative which calls for the abolishment of county government.

In the 11th Norfolk District, which consists of Dedham, Westwood and North Walpole, the questions reads: Shall the state representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would abolish county government and transfer all of its functions, duties and responsibilities to state government, including but not limited to the operation and management of the county jail and house of correction, the registry of deeds, and the courthouses?

Patriot Ledger: Gorman’s “campaign has been hard-charging”

The Patriot Ledger profiles the candidates for the Norfolk County Commission, while also commending Tom Gorman’s campaign for its “hard-charging” efforts.

In many ways, this race is a referendum on Norfolk County government itself… Gorman, who ran and lost in 2006, is running on the same platform: abolish the county government. And his campaign has been hard-charging.

Video: Norfolk County Commissioner Debate

Courtesy of Medfield.TV, here’s a video clip of the debate between Tom Gorman and Michael Walsh. The debate took place at Medfield High School and was sponsored by the Medfield League of Women Voters.

Daily News Transcript: Commissioners shouldn’t take election for granted

The Daily News Transcript takes to task current Norfolk County Commissioners, John Gillis and Francis O’Brien, for their laid-back efforts during the campaign.

Norfolk County has a proposed budget of $34 million for next year, funded mostly by state reimbursements, a portion of the excise tax and fees on deed transactions, and a county tax that cities and towns pay based on their property taxes…

That’s a lot, and a lot of money, to be overseen by three commissioners (two seats are up for reelection this year). As elected officials, Gillis and O’Brien owe it to the voters to explain what they do, why they do it well, and why they should continue to do it. Their silence shows disrespect for their offices and the trust the voters have given them.

The editors also gave a thumbs-up to Tom Gorman’s relentless efforts. 

Republican Thomas Gorman, of Dedham, and independent Michael Walsh, of Westwood, are both long shots to be elected Norfolk County Commissioners. This has not stopped either from trying. Gorman, in particular, has pursued his goal aggressively, as proven by the steady stream of releases he has sent to area newspapers.

If it weren’t for the efforts of the challengers, Norfolk County voters would not even know this election was happening. This newspaper has not heard a word out Gillis or O’Brien, except those solicited by its reporters.